seventh map

Saturday, August 12, 2006

(read the assignment)


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Comment by SULL
2006-08-12 22:00:10

daniel, thanks for the window into your influenced world. the entire experiment has been a refreshing experience for me, and i am sure for you.

bonus track?

Comment by David
2006-08-12 22:32:38

Bravo Daniel. Take a bow and be proud. You really did a wonderful job.

Comment by Mr. Performance
2006-08-12 23:10:05

Thank you

Comment by Donna
2006-08-12 23:23:49

Just like Snickers

Comment by Michelle
2006-08-12 23:51:25

I found the link here from teachingus and watched the whole week in one swoop. Intense, enjoyable without being fun, and I love this final video. The commentary is fabulous. I like the parts where I was “right” about what you were doing. I love the cryptic. Well done.

Comment by jay dedman
2006-08-13 00:02:38

im sorry this week is over. I really liked how we pushed you..and you pushed back. This whole project was a crazy cryptic process. I’m so amazed everyone came together to make it happen. Big up to the Filters.

Anyway, i really liked this last video. Tied it all together. Next time, we send you to seven different countries.

Comment by ryanne
2006-08-13 00:07:14

i’m so glad you gave us the stories behind the videos.
i know you would disagree, but i wish this project was longer! i want you to make us videos for another week.


Comment by Devlon
2006-08-13 00:12:46

Awesome way to bring it all full circle. What a journey…trust me, I’ve heard more than any of you 🙂

Great job Daniel and everyone else who contributed.

Comment by lesley
2006-08-13 00:13:59

thank you dan! a privilege to participate and view these!
safe home!

Comment by anne
2006-08-13 00:21:28

thanks for the ride, Daniel.

making daily videos is difficult. making them to spec is really difficult. being critiqued as you go is torturous.

this project was an amazing accomplishment and this video is a great summation of the process.

Comment by Bekah
2006-08-13 00:26:27

Please add “psychic” to the your long list of talents. That seventh map was exactly what I wanted.


Congratulations are in order. You took a wildly ambitious task frought with setbacks and you ran with it. Seven days, seven videos, sevenmaps. I give it Seven stars!

Now get yourself home and hug Mookie.

Comment by Verdi
2006-08-13 00:31:31

That was perfect perfect perfect! Thank you Daniel.

Comment by Jeff Marquis
2006-08-13 01:26:41

Bravo Daniel Liss! Thank you.

Comment by charlene
2006-08-13 10:28:56

Your creative psyche shouldn’t need to come in for another year or so…unless you start to sense something seems oddly normal again.

Thanks for taking the risks!

Comment by Kevin Hampson
2006-08-13 10:34:47

Great job Daniel. I enjoyed every minute.

I really enjoyed the story about the women on the train. It is amazing how online video has such a tendency to connect lives in unforseen ways.

You definitely deserve a rest.

Comment by Markus Sandy
2006-08-13 12:10:57

Wonderful! Thank you so much for participating in this Daniel. Thanks to the ‘filters’ for doing a fantastic job as well, their story is an interesting one too. Thanks to all the people who contributed ideas (and the funds!).

Comment by rob parrish
2006-08-13 23:47:36

thanks! I enjoyed the week. I look forward to more on pouringdown.


Comment by Nathan Miller
2006-08-14 01:11:45

I know the french video was a lot of work…

Yes, this did explain a lot, thank you!

Looking forward to more of your videos.

Comment by Raymond
2006-08-14 08:15:41

The seven maps is complete, and the seventh map summed it all up in a great way. “I thought flying home might be funny” – hah! Glad you stayed, explored the maps, ways to work with the audience, even if we were not too responsive, inventive.

Seven maps is to me a milestone in the vlogosphere. It may not be unique in the larger scene, I guess thousands have done something like this already, but it is definitely new to me. It brings up new questions, including questions about the role of the audience, being the audience. In essence, videoblogging is about a connection between the producer of the media, and the viewer. A link. How do we work with these connections? That’s for us all to explore, with time.

Congratulations on a project well done. Have a good rest. And – thank you.

Comment by Jen
2006-08-14 13:29:09

Wonderful–I love the “behind the scenes” insight. Thanks for talking to us.

Comment by nick
2006-08-14 21:12:27

certainly my fav of the week. this last one only made the cryptic better.

Comment by Anthony
2006-08-15 00:47:15

The story of the lipstick woman is amazing. We can record our worlds we can take it all in with our cameras but if we don’t interact in real life there is really no source of input for our stories. Thank you for interacting as you did. Thank you for sharing this as you did.
I kinda wished I would have scene your feet as you walked up your steps that would have been a great videoblogger shot just for laughs but regardless I was more than pleased and blessed to watch the fruits of your Seven Maps Project this week. I wonder now how it will effect your work to come. Will you remember? Will you continue to challenge yourself and allow yourself to be challenged? I hope and imagine you will and maybe others including myself will too.

Comment by Adam
2006-08-17 05:42:31

Great work, I really enjoyed them all for different reasons, an early comfort zone broke down into new territory. As far as rules for creating and stimulating exciting content have you seen “Five Obstructions” by Lars von Trier and Jørgen Leth
also know as “Fem benspænd, De” (2003) (link – … your project reminded me of those experiments and I have often thought that unrelenting freedom is a creative vacuum that needs obstructions to create anything. I look forward to your work in the future.
All the best

Comment by Harold J. Johnson
2006-09-02 04:41:08

Love your work, Daniel!

Comment by Josh
2006-09-08 20:54:35

I just watched all the assignments from start to finish. I must say that I wish I had been apart of it. Regardless though it is a very inspirational collection, and a project idea that I think will turn the heads of a lot of bloggers out there. I’m actually starting a project of my own, I hope you will agree to be a part of it.
Thank you.

Comment by ryanne
2006-09-09 20:33:37

i just watched this again.
i re-read raymond’s comment up there
and it gave me a flash in my brain.
videoblogging is about a link between creator and viewer. so true. it’s this individual and intimate link. you make work for me, i make work for you. and it can be multiple, but it’s so minute sometimes.
just a thought.
love this video.

Comment by kath
2006-09-16 10:29:24

thanks for your work and creativity on this project. I’m sorry I missed it live but work was so crazy – such long days and lack of sleep so I had no energy to follow anything else at the time. this video was great – it tied up each day really well. the making of stories are always interesting too. I can’t believe you made up the story then found the tower!! that’s cool. I thought you must have seen the tower and the flower stall nearby and the guide in old fashioned costume and thought of the story then. I’m sorry you thought the comments on the wiki were negative. thanks again for your great work. I hope you can do another project like this soon. until then I’ll watch the pouringdown site for more. maybe the next one, you think of the tasks/topic and have everyone else make a video for you! once again, great work!!

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