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Friday, August 11, 2006

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Comment by David
2006-08-11 15:28:34

You SOB Daniel. You are just laughing at how easy this was for you. I can just hear you cackling away in yer hotel room.


Comment by Kevin Hampson
2006-08-11 15:53:27

You’re getting too good at this! You even have an entire evening to relax and enjoy Montreal.

Since the filters suggested the subtitles, I thought you might throw us a curve and speak a different voice over than what you show written in English.

Great stuff. I’m loved the conception bench. I’m going to have to watch this one again.

Comment by lesley
2006-08-11 16:02:35

brilliant, gorgeous, hilarious!
the black and white footage, the voice and cadence in french, the clarity of light, the music, stunning!
each day we wait and check and wait and check and …
and we are rewarded.
thank you, thank you

Comment by missbhavens
2006-08-11 22:11:48

Bravo ! Une histoire contraignante a appareillé avec un festin visuel — le grand goût deux ce tase grand ensemble. Dites la vérité : cette tâche était-elle trop facile ? Si elle était, je ne m’inquiète pas. Je l’ai appréciée énormément. Je n’ai jamais réalisé que vous étiez capable d’une telle fiction grande… Cincieved sous un poirier ? Excellent.

Comment by anne
2006-08-11 22:43:33

i love it. i love it. i love it.

Comment by rob parrish
2006-08-11 22:43:55

So beautifully funny. I loved it.

Comment by SULL
2006-08-11 23:59:16

i’m still smiling 🙂


Comment by Mr. Performance
2006-08-12 00:55:31

The Sixth Map is brilliant! But I agree with David, this was too easy for you.

I still don’t think you have been given a real challenge. What is it Dan? What is your Everest?
Should it be physical? – find 28 different kinds of dogs in a half hour.
Should it be emotional? – tell us about the comments and postings you hate (start with this one).
Should it be technical? – shoot the last one on 16mm film and transfer to DV.
Should it be artistic? – If Dali had a DV camera, how would vlog you?
Is it all of the above?
I think it is time to hear feedback from you, Dan.
Mr. Performance

Comment by jay dedman
2006-08-12 01:40:56

Ryanne and I assumed you knew French, but not this good.
It’s funny the stories you can tell with pictures.

I’m probably too late to add my toughts for tomorrow’s restrictions. I want you involved in a moment…versus looking from outside and commenting on it.

Comment by trine
2006-08-12 06:20:12

daniel, you cheeky…!

that’s very good, really, and your french impressive.

for tomorrow, let’s see your face, huh? do a real ryanne/josh leo/holding the camera up to your face like a “proper” videoblogger! 😉

Comment by Raymond
2006-08-12 09:04:08

Julie is a 7-year old girl here, she is the little sister of my little sister. My sister who is getting married today. Julie thinks the music is scary. She didn’t know what language you spoke, so I told her you spoke French. She has no conception of French, but she still knows that France is a country.

Whether this was easy for you to make, or not, is irrelevant. It was a masterful piece, and without these maps – these processes – it would not have been made. I am following the maps from western Norway, following the traces, I watched them all again yesterday, and I realize again what a fascinating project this is. The seven maps project as it is now is soon over, but I hope this will inspire others of us to challenge ourselves and each other, artistically as well perhaps, and that we as a community can create ever more interesting pieces.

Bravo, Daniel!

Comment by ryanne
2006-08-12 11:50:24

yes yes
this was an amazing piece.
i totally believed every word too.

Comment by Mazie Foster Fason
2006-08-12 13:57:27

Great fun, ever so clever! Hooray! Belle Mere

Comment by sam
2006-08-12 19:24:10

cher daniel,

j’ étais inquiet pour toi, et aussi, bien curieux.

curieux, de voir ta cartographie ensuite de ce pacte Faustien que tu t’ est imposé comme si, volontairement…

inquiet, parque ce gendre de pacte peut, dans ces circonstances, te rendre aveugle, blindé d’une carapace beaucoup trop étreinte. Une carapace qui va
filtrer tant de ton focus, de cette vision poétique et très personnelle, qui est la tienne: cette surface synaesthetique qui n’est pas une surface mais un tapis haptique, très feutré, sur lequel tu communique si bien. tons tapis volant, en sorte.

les premiers cinq cartes, ton époustouflées. mais dans la cinquième tu répond. tu revient, tu répond. oui, “l’ enfer c’est bien sur les autres”. Qui c’en mêlent , qui brouilles le courant, le train des choses… et ça s’embrouille… mais c’est le pacte qui demande ces intérêts…

et oui, dans la sixième tu bon. le banc, les fleurs, le poirrier, l’ histoire… mais surtout, la beauté simple, le regard qui revient: ton regard, pas celui des autres qui crient aux poses de bloggeur standardisé , pour enfin de te maître á leur niveau.
l’humour revient. subtil… enfin!

non: tu n’est pas un gladiateur. mais tu t’est battu avec courage et désperation.
j’apprécie beaucoup ton engagement.
mais: j’espère que tu reviendra. et, après un congé bien gagné, de re- voir ta vision personnelle

sans filtres, sans demandes, sans commandes, sans justifications…

ton regard.

le tient.

bonne chance !
et : merci de t’avoir exposé si vulnerablement. C’est très généreux.
le projet est intéressant. mais de même, très obligeant.



PS: une lecture propice: Xavier de Maistre > Voyages autour de ma chambre
( journeys around my room)

Comment by Verdi
2006-08-12 21:09:05

We watched all of these videos back to back at our NODE101 thing today. I noticed that numbers 1 and 2 are much closer to things you’ve made in the past and they didn’t get much reaction from our littly crowd. Maps 3, 4, 5, and 6 engaged people much more – got them talking and laughing (plus one gasp at the revalation of “you” on the mirror). And yet these still feel very “Daniel” to me.
So that’s what I noticed. I love them all and now I’m really curious to see what you’ll come up with for #7.

Comment by Nathan Miller
2006-08-13 04:54:06

Yes, I agree with Verdi…

This video was outstanding.

Would love to know how you went about putting it together…

Excellent storytelling.

Comment by Anthony
2006-08-15 00:34:00

I think the was the funniest yet. Yet it still is beautiful. Always your videos are beautiful. Music, editing, effects, shots, storytelling just all of it. but you know that already. Now I agree I hope the next video I watch is like suggested above a “proper” videoblogger’s post camera at arms length in your face. And why not you could probably make that beautiful too.

Comment by Erin Nealey
2006-08-22 23:05:00

I’ve been meaning to post a comment here for awhile now.. sorry it’s taken me so long! I thoroughly enjoyed watching ALL your videos for Seven Maps, and this is my favorite one 🙂 Funny and beautiful at the same time. Thanks so much for your videos Daniel. Always inspiring.

Comment by kath
2006-09-16 10:07:48

that’s a brilliant story & wonderful film. I think you should show it at a film festival or one of those short film programs. I believed every word – from watching it, I thought the assignment was to goto a place where a family memory had happened and tell us a personal story. then I read the actual assignment (I’ve been watching then finding out what the assignment was)

amazing! I just don’t have the words..

Trackback by Taylor Street Studio
2006-09-17 16:23:23

Daniel Liss’ Sixth Map…

“The things of this world are vessels, entrances for stories; when we touch them or tumble into them, we fall into their labyrinthine resonances. The world is no longer divided then, into those convenient categories of subject and object, and the wor…

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