Assignment #6

Thursday, August 10, 2006

WHAT: Daniel, throughout this trip, you have been a tourist, a guest, an outsider. Today, you are a local. Trick us into believing that you are a local. Tell us a story about your history.

TECHNICAL RESTRICTION: Keep the camera moving. Nothing static. Speak French with subtitles as necessary.

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Comment by Raymond
2006-08-10 22:20:58

Sixth assignment is ok, as all the assignments are ok. But are we artistically Really challenging Daniel? The two first ones seemed easy, well, “easy” in terms of conceptualizing it. The third one was difficult, asking him to be funny, entertaining, and he pulled it off in a great way. Subtle.

Daniel’s work is very often in several layers. He likes the closeups, but the collection of closeups create the larger picture for us; I mean, we visualize the larger image of the space in our heads then. Daniel ENJOYED map #1; I could see that in how he made the map. “Dislocation, confusion”.

I want to make Daniel happy, and proud, at the end of the road. Despite the sleepless hours, the technical problems, etc. So, what can we do for the seventh map? I guess we should really discuss the seventh map on the wiki, find something that really challenges Daniel, artistically, and conceptually.

I love this project, and I feel we can develop this further. Ask better questions / better challenges. Respond to them in a way that better leads the way to new frontiers.

Comment by David
2006-08-11 06:00:06

oh man…Daniel speaks French. This one is a cakewalk for him.

Comment by Mr. Performance
2006-08-11 07:22:32

How does one challenge an artist? Is it simply finding his or her strength and limiting them? Is it finding his or her weaknesses and exploiting them? That seems to be the easy way and yes I’m guilty of it. The part of this project that is the most difficult is not Dan’s execution of the assignments, it is not the sifting by the Filters, but it is the creation of an open dialogue by the rest of us, and I don’t feel we accomplished that, yet. We have the Seventh Map at hand!

Here is where I want to go with the last map; I want a self-portrait of Dan, and I don’t want to physically see him (or that mustache)! I really want Dan’s impression of this whole project. From conception to reflection, I want to know what he has learned, loved, and loathed. The only technical restriction is that Dan must use one piece of video from each of the previous maps mixed with whatever new footage he needs to really express this experience.

So all of you out there add to this, or add something different, just ADD, and let the filters do the filtering.

– Mr. Performance

Comment by cweagel
2006-08-11 07:37:19

tear up the map.

cover your tracks.

2006-08-11 23:05:25

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2006-08-12 23:28:26

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2006-08-26 17:10:10

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