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Wednesday, August 9, 2006

links to characters.
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Comment by Tim
2006-08-09 17:57:01

This map is proof that talking with people you don’t know can be an awesomely rewarding experience, especially if they agree to be on video……and have crazy hair. Fish heads as inspiration for art. Interesting.

Comment by anne
2006-08-09 18:16:05

nice going, Daniel! good use of the homemade instrument as soundtrack!

Comment by Gregory
2006-08-09 18:39:25

Thoroughly compelling to watch, great job. It is my favorite map so far. Although, having met you in person I wouldn’t exactly say the limitations were particulary limiting. Come on filters, seems NPR/all things considered does this kind of thing all the time (sans camera of course). Let’s put some “real” challenging creative limitations out there, only 3 days left!

Comment by Verdi
2006-08-09 18:54:01

Wow I can hardly disagree more with those guys in the cafe. They need to get out and talk to the woman painting in the fish market and the guy playing bass on pole. I think art is much more collaborative and living. And if art is just a mirror it’s not doing it’s job. Like this project it can be an example of the way things can or should be – an inspiration.
Thanks Daniel.

Comment by David
2006-08-09 19:01:57


Comment by Randolfe
2006-08-09 19:28:50

Wow, what an interesting group of people! It wasn’t just the fish head inspiration & the public pole instrument that got me; it was the blond frizzed hair of that pole musician. I kept resisting the idea that “that hair can’t be for real” even though I knew it was.

Comment by paradis
2006-08-09 19:47:58

the guys in the cafe were saying that art becomes something else and changes once it is outside of yourself — that by nature all art is collaborative because each person sees and experiences it differently and it isn’t up to the artist to edit that experience.

the sculptor/musician, the hipster philosophers, the painter and daniel are all about letting go of that control and letting their art have a life of its own. and so are we part of that equation with our comments, suggestions and private musings. well done.

Comment by lesley
2006-08-09 20:09:23

i love this piece. the artists trust you daniel and your interactions with them exemplify the respect you offer and the listening you do so competently. how did you get those conversations going? they were inspiring.
and thanks!

Comment by Jeff Marquis
2006-08-09 20:54:32

Very interesting piece. I admit I don’t know much about Toronto, but I’m surprised I’ve never heard of Kensington. This seems like a cool section of town. Thanks for sharing. Nice job.

OK, it’s time to go West. Way West. Maybe Alaska?

Comment by Markus Sandy
2006-08-09 21:44:13

A very interesting view of the locals and the area you are staying in. You really found some colorful folks to interview.

Comment by Shari
2006-08-09 22:20:35

What an interesting group of people you managed to stumble upon – all within a tiny radius of where you were staying. Amazing. Seems like it would be an adventure just visting that area. I love this piece because the artists, the stars, so honestly express themselves to you, a total stranger. It leaves me wondering how you must have made them feel so at ease to speak so openly with you. But, that is just who you are.

Thank you again for giving us a glimpse of another world today.

Comment by Chris Daniel
2006-08-10 06:12:19

Nice job on this one. I think we should all go up to random people and film them. I wish I would do that more often ๐Ÿ™‚ I liked the guy who made an instrument out of the pole.

Comment by Mr. Performance
2006-08-10 07:15:45

Nicely executed Dan. You found some good characters out there. I would have liked it more if you found a different way to โ€œinteractโ€ with the locals. Maybe just showing the art, without seeing the artist? I am so tired of talking heads; they are everywhere โ€“ but not at Pouringdown (one of the many reasons I am such a big fan). Good luck with five.
Mr. Performance

Comment by jay dedman
2006-08-10 10:37:44

WOw. i have never seen Mr. Liss interview people on camera. very very cool.

Comment by missbhavens
2006-08-10 13:51:12

Neat-o collection of interesting folk! This was very well edited, and I’m so glad we got to hear some “pole tunes” and that you carried the music over into the remaining scenes. I’ve always wanted to waltz up to strangers and engage them in some chat/video. Too chicken.

What a vibrant neighborhood! Or, at least what a vibrant block! The staples in that telephone pole have likely held a wild array of local flyers…I can only imagine.

Comment by Kent Bye
2006-08-10 17:49:06

Great editing job on this one. Nice flow and pacing, and the b-roll and sound helped tie it all together.

Comment by vanessa
2006-08-11 09:10:34

i loved this map! the characters you found were so interesting. ๐Ÿ™‚ keep it up!

Comment by kath
2006-09-16 09:39:20

wow what a creative community! must be great to live there and have so many works of art around u all the time. thanks for the glimpse of their community

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