Assignment #3

Monday, August 7, 2006

Make ’em laugh, make ’em laugh.

WHAT: For today’s assignment, Daniel will attempt to make us laugh with his comedy stylings.
TECHNICAL RESTRICTIONS: No closeups. Only wide shots, please.

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Comment by Mr. Performance
2006-08-08 13:17:44

First I want to apologize to Dan for suggesting limiting the next map to only wide shots. I had no idea the next map would be comedy. Comedy is hard. Observational comedy is very hard, and damned near impossible without the appropriate tools at your disposal (Right place – right time). I don’t envy you on this assignment! I do think that it is a good restriction for your style of work.

I disagree about the comments on Second Map, this one in particular “this one seemed more about viewing children than a child’s view.”

Having been to the falls when I was eight, I remember staring aimlessly in to the great motion of that big moving water and losing all sense of time and scale. The same way you lose yourself in the open flame of a campfire. I think for Dan we can say, Mission accomplished!

I am not saying that anyone or any opinion here is “wrong” but let’s get something going! This is a discussion, an open dialog! All thoughts, ideas, opinions welcome! I think it would be very helpful to Dan, if you feel the “What” of the assignment was off, to give him a description of what your vision or expectations were.

Feed Dan! (and not just bad Canadian pizza!)

Mr. Performance

Comment by Devlon
2006-08-08 17:01:13

Don’t we run the risk of painting the picture too much for him if the explanation of the assignment is too descriptive?

I agree, this one is a tough one, especially with the wide angle shots. Good luck Daniel!

Comment by Nelson
2006-08-08 17:04:01

Here we go baby!

Comment by Mr. Performance
2006-08-08 17:33:54

We don’t run the risk of painting the picture if we comment in the past tense. By that I mean, by simply telling Dan, “no, this isn’t what we want to see,” or “you haven’t met the requirements of the assignment,” we’ve told him nothing. If we say to him, “Dan, I feel this way BECAUSE…” he is then able to take our opinions, filter them, and use what he gleans from them in the creation of future maps. If we use what Dan has already done to guide what he is going to do, we are getting to the essense of this experiment – the collaborative, ongoing, development of the project from the minds of many.

Mr. Performance

2006-08-09 06:36:54

[…] the assignment […]

Comment by Jonny Goldstein
2006-08-09 22:06:21

OK, I laughed at the end. Whew!

2006-08-23 06:40:34

[…] (read the assignment) […]

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