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Monday, August 7, 2006

i added my own technical restriction today, in honor of a working camera.
(read the assignment)

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Comment by Erin Nealey
2006-08-07 17:32:49

Daniel, that was beautiful! Niagara Falls is one of the most gorgeous places I have ever been. It’s overwhelming to look at. Thanks for showing us a little of what it must be like through a childs eyes. I guess you got your camera situation worked out. The shots were amazing!

Comment by Mr. Performance
2006-08-07 18:18:15

Second Map – Nicely done!

Good thing we worked with kids this past week – warmed you up! Love the use of the ambient sound. We are seeing good strong pourningdown art, but from what I can tell the only real challenge has been removing you from your comfort zone. And even that is not much of a challenge for someone who does freelance camera work.

Some of the restrictions I’d like to see on the next piece are:
~cutting your raw footage in half but keeping the same length of this finished piece

~interweaving your music with ambient sound – using the ambient sound as a rhythm or some other source

~comprise map three of nothing but wide shots – I still think you are relying too heavily on the close-up

Call or IM if the camera craps out on you, and keep up the good work.

Mr. Performance

Comment by Shari
2006-08-07 19:30:12

Totally beautiful – the water, the sound, the movement of it all. A perspective that shows children will be completely immersed in the intensity of their surroundings. I’m looking forward to map number 3. Thank you for sharing the beauty of that area with us.

Comment by David
2006-08-07 19:42:32

Great…now I have to go to the bathroom.

Nice work on the sound…pretty shots.

Comment by Jeff Marquis
2006-08-07 19:59:03

Wow. Nice job. Loved the perspective.

I agree with the above comment, that you should focus on wide shots, for at least Map 3. You’ve proven your prowess with the close-up, time and again.

I’d also like to see you personally in one shot, however fleeting. I think I’ve seen that request at least once on the wiki. Maybe you’ll save that (money) shot for Map 7.

Enjoying the ride…

2006-08-07 20:06:42

Hi Daniel,

I’m really impressed. I don’t necessarily agree that you totally kept to your “rules” here, I feel like a lot of this was more the observation of children, but that one segment, where the kid is crying and the audio warps, totally awesome, and I think you really passed your test in that one moment.

Coming from my project, where often it takes days or weeks to make something come together, it is exciting to see something assembled in such a short time!

peace, and i’ll be watching.

alive in baghdad

Comment by missbhavens
2006-08-07 21:16:35

“Niagra Falls, Ontario: WhereThe Falls Are Huge And Make Our Children Look Even Smaller Than They Already Are”.

We should make t-shirts.

I love the sound of all that water (although DH is right, I did need a bathroom break after the first viewing) and I love the different speeds of it. And I get a Kick out of the varying lebels of fascination the kids seem to have. You get a vibe that some are awed…but some are a little bored (too much damn tv at home) and one…well…one’s just cranky.

Comment by anne
2006-08-07 21:18:13

I agree that this one seemed more about viewing children than a child’s view.

Some gorgeous shots. I really like the one with the boy in the foreground. He looks so bored.

Comment by cweagel
2006-08-07 21:28:02

I was hoping he would kidnap a child.

Comment by Devlon
2006-08-07 21:38:57

I didn’t feel the perspective of a child all that much.

That one boy that was crying out, or yelling, and the mood you set at the moment was dead on….that and the girl who was too short to see through the viewing things…cool.

Besides that, amazing footage of the falls. Good video, but not sure if it captured the child’s perspective…but what do I know, I am (mostly) and adult.

Comment by Jen
2006-08-07 22:51:18

I love the use of sound in this one–the intense wall of sound versus the quiet moments. I do agree that this piece feels more like an observation of children than a view from a child’s perspective, but I enjoyed the variety of expressions of the kids.

For future assignments, I’d really like to see you get away from out-of-focus shots. They’re pretty “safe” in their beauty. And I’m not sure if you’re Niagara again tomorrow, but I’d like to see something other than the falls. What other beauty or craziness is to be found there?

Keep it up!

Comment by Nelson
2006-08-08 06:47:18

Liss, do you shoot with a tripod everywhere?
Take the tripod from him! Filters, no tripod!

It’s debatable whether we were seeing Niagra Falls
through the eyes of a child or not. Some of these
compositions…I was just there are framed some similar shots as well (video to come). I still think Liss is
too comfortable. I’m really looking forward to seeing
his attempt to make us laugh. It’s something I rarely
do when watching a pouringdown video.

Also, I don’t know if it’s happening, but I threw the suggestion out there to steer this project towards Detroit and Po’fessor Weagel. I forgot to mention that I would love to see these two guys get together and work on a collaboration video…somehow. Maybe make the last map:

Go to Detroit, meet the Po’fessor, make a video together

Comment by Tim
2006-08-08 08:12:09

What I loved: The amazing close-up shots of the flowing water. Somehow in one spot you made the most destructive force in the world (water) falling 177 ft. into crushing rocks seem placid and tranquil.

It must have been difficult to really show the falls from a child’s view. I think you skirted it very closely, and hit on it once or twice, but I never actually felt like i was seeing the falls through the eyes of a child.

What I want to see: You. I really think you need to go out of your comfort zone and appear if one of these maps!

Keep it up, Daniel. This is great stuff.

Comment by Mica
2006-08-08 10:25:36

How you can stand to let these people boss you around?
I mean who are they?
Voices trying to control you, from inside the computer.

I was dreaming about the falls before you arrived.

Destiny manifest.

Comment by ryanne
2006-08-08 12:40:25

i feel like you are still too comfortable.
tripod and out of focus are too engrained.
i felt this was more of an observation than of a true POV. but i guess you can interpret the challanges as you see fit. however i want you to get a little more uncomfortable. though this is beautiful, i can’t see the challenge translated into the piece.

Comment by jay dedman
2006-08-08 13:39:37

Daniel definitely has his style…but can you force someone to break their own style? Its who he is.

I definitely would love to see more wide shots.
that would be different from his usual work.

Comment by lesley
2006-08-08 14:05:49

the way the falls were filmed,, the sound, the visual, defined the way kids experience the world. it comes in with full intensity, mostly unfiltered. i thought dan showed this subtly, and convincingly. there was a sense of huge
sensory overload. a lot for a child to take in.
as to the filming of kids themselves, they were gorgeous.
good luck dan!
this next one, well… that’s really challenginng!

Comment by Chris Daniel
2006-08-08 16:34:46

Nice footage of the falls. I’m guessing you use a 35 adapter?

Keep it up!

Comment by kath
2006-09-16 09:22:02

nice piece. amazing waterfall. I’ve only seen it in old films also. at first I thought you were just taking video of the kids, but then I thought about it and kids tend to look at other kids when they’re out so these shots probably would have been what the children were seeing on their visit, so it is their pov. also from what I could tell the shots were taken at child’s eye height so we could see the angle they see things from. I liked the natural sounds, but I thought maybe they could have been louder – to a child it must sound quite deafening and dramatic. though I don’t know if it is that loud there as I’ve never been, but I’ve been to other waterfalls in Aus & NZ and they’re really loud. great job though!!

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