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Sunday, August 6, 2006

(read the assignment)

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Comment by Verdi
2006-08-06 17:50:28

First reaction – beautiful! Also you get an A+ on fulfulling the assignment. Next thought was that I now want to hear people’s voices.

Comment by ryanne
2006-08-06 17:53:27

yes! i’m so excited that you started! i was afraid i wouldn’t be able to see the start because we’re in montanta. but alas, we always find wifi. this is not so constructive as it is pure excitement, sorry. and hurray i’m the first to comment.

Comment by ryanne
2006-08-06 17:54:02

verdi and i were obviously watching at the same time!!

Comment by steve garfield
2006-08-06 18:12:55

That was amazing.

It encourages me to take the criteria that was given to you for this one, and make a video too.

Comment by anne
2006-08-06 18:27:54

Love the video Daniel and I look forward to seeing what you do with the challenges you are currently facing with the project.

Comment by jay dedman
2006-08-06 18:28:47

I love the little pieces of evidence. I cant believe that this community has sent you on a plane for a week of video making. Let the game begin.

i would love it if people made videos usign the same restrictions and posted the links on the comments.

Comment by Devlon
2006-08-06 18:30:34

Awesome. I’ve heard about the troubles and considering all that it’s amazing to see you were able to produce something so wonderful.

Good luck on tomorrow’s assignment.

Comment by jay dedman
2006-08-06 18:56:08

i heard your camera just broke?????
the story gets deeper….
(do we raise money for a little digital still camera?)

Comment by missbhavens
2006-08-06 19:23:10

I dig it–and I like Jay’s use of the word “evidence”. It’s entirely appropriate. These bits of information about movement and travel–and specifically travelling solo–all add up to encapsulate an experience that we now get to share with you. very cool.

I like the changes in focus…makes me feel unsure at first but then later it becomes clearer.

Comment by Will
2006-08-06 20:19:40

the focus play works so well with the assignment of dislocation. where are we? the pope, the falls, the neon. are we anywhere?

i want to see you find a somewhere and truly map it. this may require breaking out of said comfort zone.

great start. man, you wanted limitations, but a broken camera is a bit much!

Comment by SULL
2006-08-06 20:20:39

perfect response to the assignment.
thanks for the glimpses.

regarding the camera situation, let us know what help you need. let’s make that a non-issue asap.


Comment by David
2006-08-06 20:54:32


Comment by Jeff Marquis
2006-08-06 21:11:52

Great first installment Daniel. This was such a great idea. I wish I could be on the trip.

My suggestion: collect refridgerator magnets, the cheesier the better.

How else are you gonna keep track of all these places you’re going to.


Keep it up!

Comment by Jonathan
2006-08-06 22:31:28

I can’t believe I’m going to be the first to comment on the music! When you started laying down the beats about midway through the piece I totally had that feeling of, “Go GO GO!!! On the road, in the air, here we go, take off!”

And once again, I have to say I don’t know how you do it, but I love what you do with color. The spinning neon sign against the blue sky is so beautiful. You got special pixie dust in your lens or what?

That’s a shame about your camera. Jay, if you do get another pool going, you can count me in!

Good luck!

Comment by admin
2006-08-07 05:43:59

an update: i stayed up all night with my camera, carefully explained the situation, played it some nostalgic post punk, prayed to bjork and other wood nymphs and did the usual motel room alchemy.

camera seems to be holding at about 90 percent now.

we’ll see if the magic holds…


Comment by Jamie O'Brien
2006-08-07 05:48:49


This is great so far. Your pushing the boundaries of mobility of the technology. It’s like a footprint of our era: 7 maps. Fantastic.

the completion of the assignment is what it is.

Looking forward to seeing more.


Comment by Nelson
2006-08-07 06:32:36

Daniel, the faeries are always on our side. Peaseblossom just dropped in and gave me updates on your situation, along with Raymond’s, which concerns me more than a broken camera. You’re in good hands.

Yes, yes….steer this thing toward St. Clair Shores. It’s time to see the wizard. Add no cutting to black to the technical restrictions (it’s a comfort thing for Liss), and add the comedy thing as well. I should add this to the wiki huh? Filters are you listening. Have him make a pilgramage to the lab. Make him go WEST, thru Canada, enter thru Port Huron, head south to St. Clair Shores. HE’s already missed enough, because this man is already so busy. GEt him there by the end of the 7…FILTERS, get him there.

Comment by Mr. Performance
2006-08-07 07:19:27

Excellent Job!

The music is great, but I too would like to hear what you could do with the ambient sound, maybe a mix?

I love how you use fragments of images. Lets change that up; can you tell the next story using only wide shots?

Keep it up

Mr. Performance

Comment by missbhavens
2006-08-07 08:56:29


don’t forget to eat today.

Comment by Shari
2006-08-07 09:04:22

Wow – installment number 1. The music is pretty amazing. It builds at first to me to create moments of uneasiness while traveling to some strange place with a wax pope, loads o’ neon and crashing water. But the change, the pace shift, the excitement of exploring came through. Beautifully done. I can’t wait to see the next one. Lots of love from the west coast.

Comment by Tim
2006-08-07 10:23:40

It is amazing to be able to take everyday sights and turn them into a beautiful visual ballet. You do this with perfection. Awesome!

Comment by steve garfield
2006-08-07 19:17:00

Here’s my response top the assignment.

To Cambridge.

2006-08-11 22:32:05

[…] Daniel Liss — [PAN CONTRIBUTOR] — First Map […]

Comment by kath
2006-09-16 09:08:14

great job! I like the pace and feel of the video and the music great too. did you create that during the trip also? it’s cool that you make travel shots look so interesting

(I missed the live uploads, so catching up now)

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